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Steve Vai - Blue Powder
06.07.13 (4:11 pm)   [edit]
This is one of my favorite Steve Vai number! Boy, this really took me back way in time! I'm not surprised to find out that Steve Vai is still doing well after all these years! I wonder how old is he now? He was in his 40s when I first started listening to his music. Hmmm...all I can say is he's probably....ok I won't say it. It's better left that way. I know...sometimes I kind of freak out whenever I realized that I'm already nearing....nevermind.
Talking about Steve Vai, it reminded me of his cool looking multicolored guitar! That was probably the best ibanez guitar that I've ever laid my eyes on. Keep on rocking Mr. Vai! Yearrrrrgh!

Hub still in 1 page of Google!
06.07.13 (4:01 pm)   [edit]
I'm quite surprised that one of my hub is still in the first page of Google! I've forgotten about that thing for so many months now. No updates whatsoever. Zilch! But, when I checked in Google it was still hanging tough! Way to go my hub! Hopefully, you'll endure the test of time and whatever update Google has in store for all of us in the future!

Time to rest
06.07.13 (3:55 pm)   [edit]
Finally! After a grueling and hectic week it's time to get some rest this weekend! Of course, next Monday is another story! Ah yeah....things will keep repeating itself until....whoever knows when. It's like everyday is a Deja Vu now. Do you guys feel the same way too? Probably I need to set some goals to achieve just to motivate me to keep on going. Hey, what am I talking about? Of course I need to keep on going. I have my precious son to take care of! What was I thinking?
I guess it's easy to lose track of what's really important in life when you're so overwhelmed with work sometimes! But, then again, how will you bring in the bread if you don't work? Right? You guys get my drift here? Sometimes I wish that life is a walk in the park. You don't have to worry about anything at all. *Sigh* Got to concentrate on finishing my c clamps post for now. Later everyone.

Where did time go?
06.05.13 (3:57 pm)   [edit]
I can't believe that the year is almost done! Well, not quite. But, hey it's already June now! 1st of January felt like yesterday!

Thule Ski Racks
06.05.13 (3:49 pm)   [edit]
Thule ski racks are a must for every ski lovers out there! This may come pretty handy when you decide to go for a ski trip. You can easily carry your ski sets using thule ski racks attached to your car's roof. These ski racks comes in various types and design from different manufacturers. They are carefully design to meet the standards of all ski racks around the world. Other than their unique designs they also look pretty slick when attached to your car's roof. I would definitely get one if I was staying in places where there are ski resorts near by. Yes, I will probably plan ski trips whenever I have the chance to do so.
Thule ski racks are awesome!

On and off
06.05.13 (9:34 am)   [edit]
What's up there? I haven't been blogging for a while now. Blame it on my busy work schedule and lack of my motivation to blog. I won't promise that I'll be prompt with my blogging activities because I know that I won't be able to keep it. Well, we will see then.  


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